Root Canal Therapy

No one’s favorite word or topic..but sometimes a necessity to help save a tooth. Root canals are a common procedure. In fact over a million root canals are performed every year. Reducing the need to extrace painful infected teeth.

  • Why do teeth need root canals?
  • If the nerve inside the tooth is traumatized either from a cavity, deep filling that may be close to the nerve, a broken tooth or maybe an injury from a sporting event or accident. The nerve is damaged and starts to die or possibly starts to get infected. There may be pain as an indicator of a traumatized pulp or swelling or both.

  • Why do a root canal?
  • The reason we do a root canal is so that you can keep your tooth. By removing the nerve from inside the tooth and then sealing it with the proper medicines and materials. After getting a root canal the treated tooth can continue to provide us with years of use. Allowing us to eat and smile like we normally would.